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Signalment: 2006 BROWN
Website: http://www.6666ranch.com/quarter-horses/stallions/racing-stallions/jess-zoomin.html
Breeding Facility: 6666 RANCH GUTHRIE, TX
Breeding Facility Website: http://www.6666ranch.com/
Breeding Facility Contact:
Breeding Facility Phone: OFFICE 806-500-2273
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Registration. Bidders must register on the auction site prior to placing bids. To successfully register, bidders must tick box stating they have read and understood the terms and conditions of this auction.
All Bids are FINAL. Bids below the starting bid price will not be accepted.A valid email address is required to participate in this auction event. Email is used to communicate password, bidding information, winning bidder notification and invoicing.
Payment Terms:Payment is due by 5:00 pm MST, February 17, 2014 or the next bidder in line receives the opportunity to purchase the breeding. We accept Personal Checks, Visa or MasterCard, or Direct Bank Transfers. Winning Bidders will be notified by email after all lots in the auction close. 

Bidding Currency: US Dollars (USD).
Bid Increments: The bid increment is the minimum amount that each biddermay increase the bid:
Bid                   Increment
$0                     $10
$500                 $25
$1,000              $50
$10,000            $100
Agreement to Abide by Breeding Contracts. By placing a bid, the bidder agrees to abide by the terms of the stallion owner/agent breeding contract, and to pay in full for breeding and for any fees or charges beyond the breeding fee, including but not limited to booking fees, per-day mare care, veterinary expenses, costs associated with frozen or chilled semen shipment, foal registration fees or re-breeding fees. Registration of a foal resulting from this breeding is subject to all the established rules and regulations of the stallions’ breed registry.
Refunds. The bidder understands that if he/she should place a winning bid and the stallion should be gelded, be sold prior to the breeding or should die only money paid to Colorado State University for the auctioned stallion service will be refunded and shall constitute payment in full for any damage that may be incurred by the bidder and/or his/her agent. 
No Guarantee. The seasons are offered on a NO GUARANTEE non-refundable basis (exception contract marked LFG, which are sold LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE, according to the terms of an individual stallion owner/agent contract). All breedings are for the 2014 Breeding Season unless otherwise noted on contract.
The breeding fee listed does NOT include the chute fee, farm fee, freight or container charges unless otherwise specified. Every effort has been made to list additional fees a mare owner might incur; however, we strongly suggest that you contact the breeding facility or stallion owner to determine total fees that might be payable to the breeding facility.